Barn Style Shower Doors

Barn Style Frameless Shower Doors from ESP Supply include:

Glass rolling shower enclosures also known as barn style doors have become increasingly popular. The barn style door typically has one sliding door and one stationary panel.  With clean lines meaning no floor or wall tracks, this shower shows off the 3/8 inch thick glass.  The sliding door rolls along the header bar, while the stationary panel stabilizes the bar.  Standard installation is 180 degrees with one door and one fixed panel, but may also be designed in the 290 degree configuration.  ESP offers two styles of Barn door showers. Our Napa is a by-pass door which you can enter your enclosure from either side or we offer the Transcend which is a stationary panel and sliding door. The Transcend can also be used as a double bypass for tub enclosures only.

Exposed roller, frameless sliding door system features stainless steel bar and hardware. Single “barn door” slider available in the most popular configurations. Transcend enclosures are available in Double-Bypass for Tub enclosures only due to shower door weight.

Rectangular Header Frameless Bypassing Barn Door. Powerful rectangular header and 55mm rollers offer safety and performance at larger sizes. Sleek and functional header mount captures sliding panels and eliminates bumpers.

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