Diamon-Fusion® Coating

Transform Ordinary Glass Into High-Performing, Water Repellent Surface With Diamon-Fusion® Coating


Ensures uniform application on both sides of the glass


Invisible barrier makes it tough for stains to form


Makes cleaning easier by repelling water & soap scum

Glass dealers and manufacturers who treat their glass with Diamon-Fusion® protective coating are certified and professionally trained to standards set by Diamon-Fusion International. Read below to see the many benefits.

Best quality glass coating

Diamon-Fusion® applied through our certified dealers ensures the highest-quality application process. The coating permanently bonds with glass creating an ultra-thin barrier that stops staining and corrosion.

Uniform coating coverage

Having too much or too little of a protective coating on your glass can be a problem. DFI’s certified applicators are experienced and trained on how to apply the right amount of coating, every time.

Industry-best warranties

Residential and commercial surfaces treated with Diamon-Fusion® protective coating come with a lifetime and 15-year warranty, respectively. To learn more about DFI’s warranties click here.

Machine (FuseCube™) applied

Many glass dealers who treat their glass with Diamon-Fusion® utilize DFI’s FuseCube™ glass protectant coating machine, ensuring consistent coverage on both sides of the glass for the double the benefits.