Shower Door Care & Cleaning Guide

Shower Door Care & Cleaning Guide
  • ESP Supply Inc. recommends squeegeeing the glass frequently and cleaning it regularly with a recommended cleaner.
  • Bath Enclosures Manufacturing Association (BEMA) recommends DOW Liquid Comet Bathroom Cleaner for use on shower and bath enclosures.
  • To squeegee the glass, select any of the numerous squeegee type products on the market.
  • Using a squeegee for a minute after each shower helps keep spots and scale from accumulating on glass components.
  • A combination of regular cleaning and squeegeeing will help keep your glass clean and clear.
  • Read more glass shower door care tips in this post.

General Care Instructions

Keep your glass shower looking brand new with our general care instructions guide, including the best ways to maintain your shower glass and hardware.


Squeegee the glass after every use with a plastic or rubber-edged squeegee. Do not ever use metal squeegees or razor blades on your shower. Dry with a soft, dry microfiber cloth, or preferably, paper towels. Make certain whatever you use is clean and has not picked up any potential contaminants that might scratch your glass.

Avoid the following types of cleaners (for both the glass and the hardware):

  • Abrasive or soft abrasive powders and liquid
  • Cleaners containing ammonia
  • Bleach or bleach based cleaners
  • Steel or Teflon pads
  • Do not use bristle brushes

In order to increase strength and conform to building codes, all shower glass is required to be tempered. This prevents large, dangerous shards in the event of breakage. However, the edges are still vulnerable to breakage. Be careful that when the door is sliding or swinging, it does not hit any objects that are hard or sharp.


Avoid the following when cleaning your hardware:

  • Glass or lime scale cleaners
  • Alkaline and phosphoric acid-based cleaners
  • Drywall spackle and tile grout.

You can permanently damage the metal’s finish if improper cleaning compounds are applied.

Do not over-scrub at risk of ruining the electroplated or powder-coated finish.


It’s normal for your shower hardware to need a slight adjustment during the weeks, months or even years following installation. If your shower needs an adjustment — your door is slipping in the hinges, the door is hitting the panel, or the door is no longer sitting correctly in the space — please contact our office to schedule a service.

The silicone sealant applied to the seams of your shower is a maintenance item that has a typical lifespan of 3 to 5 years, so it may need replacing in the distant future. Handyman services and general contractors perform this type of maintenance work.

Water Protection

ESP Supply showers are installed with the smallest gaps in the industry to provide you with the best level of water protection. Glass shower enclosures, especially frameless enclosures, are used to provide an effective water shield, not a watertight barrier. You may experience a small amount of water leakage during use. If water leakage is excessive, we may be able to apply additional seals to minimize leaks.