The 5 Questions You Should Ask About Steam Showers

Wondering about steam showers? You’re not alone! Read on for the 5 questions you should ask before investing in a steam shower.

Questions to ask about Steam Showers

#1: What is a Steam Shower?

Did you know you could turn your shower into a steam room? A steam shower is a glass enclosed shower that has a valve for generating steam, much like a commercial steam room. Home steam showers are becoming more common as homeowners opt for installing private steam showers in the master bathroom rather than visiting the gym or spa.

The controls function much like a whirlpool or sauna with digital buttons inside the shower. Steaming in Eucalyptus-scented vapor has many health benefits. For instance, it helps relieve muscle tension, eliminate toxins and cleanse blocked sinuses.

#2: How Much Do Steam Showers Cost?

A steam shower requires a moisture-sealed shower enclosure in order to keep in the steam. Many people install floor-to-ceiling frameless glass. A frameless shower enclosure can be customized to fit your space. The steam system itself (excluding any shower remodeling) should cost around $2,500, including installation.

#3: I’m Renovating my Bathroom. What do I need to do First?

  • Slope your ceiling to prevent condensed steam from dripping on you in the shower. The shower ceiling must be tiled.
  • Protect your wood frames by wrapping all studs and joints with plastic.
  • Make sure to seal every seam, including seams around shower fixtures such as the shower head.
  • Treat stone tiles with stone impregnator.
  • Tell your glass designer at ESP in advance that you plan on installing a steam system.
  • If you are building a bench into the shower, be careful not to use wood for construction. Use a concrete block instead.

#4: Does it use a Lot of Water?

No it doesn’t. In fact, 20 minutes of steaming uses only 2 gallons of water. As a comparison, the average 10 minute shower uses about 30 gallons of water.

#5: What if I have Questions About Steam Showers and Custom Designs?

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