Can An Old Shower Be New Again?

Remodeling A Shower

What sells a house? There are two rooms that are given credit, can you guess what they are?

If you guessed the kitchen and the bathroom, you’re spot on.

When these rooms are upgraded and current, they can increase the value of the property. Not only does the property value increase, but the perception of potential buyers increases.

What if you’re not selling your home, what if you’re staying in it? Your perception is important also. Giving one or both of these rooms a face lift will still add value and you’ll enjoy it more.

Frameless Shower Designs

Remodels and face lifts can be costly and time consuming. But maybe you could do it a little at a time, or possibly choose just one improvement that could make a big impact.

If I were to choose the kitchen, I would want to improve the pantry.

If I were to choose the bathroom, I would definitely choose the shower for improvement.

Since most of us really enjoy a good shower in the morning, after a vigorous workout or for relaxation in the evening, the thought of going into a less than appealing shower takes some of the pleasure out of the activity.

If you decide that the entire shower needs to be redone or if you just need to replace the shower door or get rid of the shower curtain, a new shower door can be a big improvement.

Shower doors have come a long way in the last few years; changing one out can make a huge difference in your bathroom. The nice thing is they come in a variety of styles and options.

Remodeling a Shower

At ESP Supply we create custom shower doors that include:

  • Frameless Shower Enclosures
  • Standard Swing Shower Doors
  • Sliding Tub and Shower Doors
  • Steam Showers

Designing a shower door can be an enjoyable experience because you have the ability to choose the type of glass you want as well as the hardware to compliment your space.

If you are looking for beautiful shower door solutions, please Request A Quote today for a Free Estimate. We have a world of choices and satisfied customers!