Couldn’t You Use a Beautiful Mirror?

Using Mirrors in the Home

Mirrors are wonderful for decorating in the home. When placed correctly they can add light, space, function and they can bring the outside in.

  • By placing a mirror opposite a window, the outdoor light will be reflected into the room.
  • Placing a full length mirror in a small home entry or hall will give the impression of a larger space.
  • To dress up a plain wall in a dark space, choose an ornamental mirror, it will add interest and light.
  • If your small bathroom has a small mirror, open up your space by adding a much larger one.
  • Placing a bright lamp in front of a mirror will increase the amount of light in a room.
  • If you have a beautiful accessory in a room, placing a mirror on the opposite wall will show it off twice.

Choosing just the right mirror that has beauty, function and quality are the important elements to get your desired effects.

At ESP Supply, we manufacture and fabricate beautiful mirrors to your specifications, whether they are beveled, polished, semi-framed, etched or plain.

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