Semi-Frameless vs. Frameless

There are two options when it comes to shower doors, semi-frameless and frameless. Here are the descriptions of semi-frameless and frameless to help you decide which design works best for you.


The semi-frameless shower enclosure has metal around the entire structure but not around the shower door itself. Giving the shower door a more modern look, but also saving cost by it not entirely being frameless. Semi-frameless also has unmatched water protection with a great combination of being both semi-frameless and frameless.


Frameless shower doors are panels of 3/8” or ½” thick tempered glass also called heavy glass that uses clips or a U-Channel for support. It is the best way to give your bathroom a modern and open look.

Frameless shower doors are used more often because they can fit any design giving it a stylish appearance. They are open and spacious, and low maintenance to clean. Frameless shower doors also increase value because they last much longer than thin glass framed units.

ESP Supply services regions in the SW Washington area, the local Vancouver WA area, and the Portland Metro area and we specialize in both semi-frameless and frameless shower doors.