Ever Considered an Interior Glass Door or Wall for Your Home?

Many people have glass shower doors inside their home, but most of us don’t think about having an interior glass door or wall in another area of the home.

If you’re building a new home or remodeling the one you’re in, glass interior doors and walls would be a great choice.

Reasons for choosing a glass interior door or wall:

  • You can close off large spaces to make them more intimate.
  • You can give additional light to a room.
  • You can make a small space seem more spacious.
  • Whether the glass door is opened or closed, it gives a great feeling of flow between rooms.

There is no concern for safety with these, because they are made of 3/8” or ½” thick heavy glass tempered material. They can be made with opaque glass that not only lets the light through but gives that little bit of added privacy.

Interior Glass Door or Wall

What are the options for an interior glass door or wall?

There are several types of glass doors and walls you can have installed in your home.

  • Interior Sliding Doors have been used for a home’s exterior for many years. More recently they have become a choice to close off smaller spaces that might not be able to accommodate a door that swings open. They can be draped for privacy or left undraped.
  • Hinged Glass Doors can be a great option, especially for such places as a home office or den. These doors can swing in and out, unless you prefer only one direction.
  • Saloon Type Glass Doors can add an interesting element to your decor if your door opening is large enough to accommodate two doors. They also can swing in and out unless otherwise desired.
  • Glass Side Panels look great alongside hinged swinging doors, plus they let in additional light.
  • Decorative Glass Walls are used widely in commercial buildings and homes, both as interior and exterior surfaces. Glass lends a modern, spacious and airy feel to an environment and is extremely customizable.

ESP Supply has beautiful interior glass door and wall options.

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