How to Pick The Right Shower Door Hardware Finish Color

Picking the glass and design for your shower door is one of the most important factors of your shower glass enclosure, but picking the perfect hardware color is another factor that also plays a big roll in your new shower glass door.
With there being plenty of options to choose from, we will take a look at shower door hardware options and colors, trends, etc.

Does the shower hardware need to match the other accessories in the bathroom?

When picking out the shower door hardware the easiest and most forthcoming approach is having the same finish as the faucets, shower handles, light fixtures, etc. Giving your bathroom a constructive and uniform look.

However, having all accessories and shower door hardware match does not have to be the case in all scenarios, you can also choose to have some contrast in the bathroom. For example, antique brass accessories such as towel bars, and faucets with a brush nickel finish hardware on your shower door can give your bathroom a great look and still tie the accessories and shower door together.

What shower door hardware finishes are currently trending?

With there being so many different finish colors to choose from let’s go over the most trending finishes.

Brush Nickel

Brush nickel pretty much fits in anywhere with a mattified and soft tone giving the bathroom a refreshing look.  Also, the maintenance for brush nickel finish is incomparable to other finishes.

Matte black

Matte black gives a versatile and elegant look that is well suited for any home. It has become a favorite with designers and homeowners because it gives the home minimalistic and modern look.


Chrome has been one of the most popular finishes because it is easy to match with other shower enclosure accessories such as showerheads and light fixtures. With its shiny silver appearance, chrome shower door hardware can give the bathroom a brighter look.

Satin Brass

Satin brass has been a timeless favorite because of how versatile it can be to mix and match the accessories and shower door hardware. With its smooth look and tone, it can be used in a modern or traditional home.

What hardware will you need to decide on for a frameless shower enclosure?

Although there is not much metal on a frameless door, there are still a few components that are needed to complete a frameless shower door.

  • Hinges
  • Handles
  • Clips
  • U-channel

What hardware will you need to decide on for a semi-frameless shower enclosure?

  • Handle style
  • Framing
  • Framing thickness

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