Top 4 Shower Glass Types

There are a number of elements that you will have to think about when it comes to choosing and designing your custom shower enclosure. Choosing which type of glass is one of the most important. Let’s discuss a few options to help make the decision a little easier.

The most common shower glass types are:

  • Clear Glass

  • Rain Glass

  • Satin Etch

  • Starphire Ultra Clear Glass

1. Clear Glass

Clear glass is the most common choice for shower doors. This is especially true for those that have decorative tile that deserves to be shown off. Clear glass is also the most cost-effective option while also giving that modern look. It allows the most light to come through the shower enclosure giving the bathroom an open feel even if it’s a smaller space. The only downside to clear shower glass is that the transparency allows finger smudges and water spots to show through rather than being disguised by an obscured glass. Nothing some Diamon-Fusion® coating couldn’t help with, though!

2. Rain Glass

Rain glass is designed with a pattern that resembles rain drops. The pattern is cut into one side of the glass and is a great alternative to obscured glass. Rain glass gives a unique look to the aesthetic in the bathroom, while still allowing the light to filter through the glass. With the rain pattern being carved into one side of the glass, it is easier to clean and harder to see those tough-to-reach spots when it comes to cleaning.

3. Satin Etch

Satin etched glass gives a smooth and translucent finish on one side of the glass. This is done through the process of sand blasting. For better privacy, satin etch would be the way to go especially in a multi-person home. The frosted side goes on the outside and the smooth side goes on the inside of the shower making it easier to clean inside.

4. Starphire Ultra Clear Glass

Starphire is a low iron ultra clear glass with more of a hint of clear glass. In the comparison of starphire to clear glass, clear glass has more of a green tint to it while starphire should have more of a blue tint to it making it amazingly clear. The low iron content in the starphire glass makes it more resistant to etching and corrosion which can happen over time with the exposure of moisture and cleaning products.

No matter what type of shower glass you choose, the team at ESP Supply can help make your bathroom dreams a reality. Contact us today to get started.