5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Shower Door Design

There are a number of elements that you will have to think about when it comes to choosing and designing your custom shower enclosure. Lets go over a few tips that can help you decide which design is best for your bathroom.

Choose Frameless or Framed

The first step in creating the perfect shower door look for your bathroom is to select either a framed or frameless shower door. Depending upon the desired look of your bathroom will determine which you choose. The average home will have a framed shower door but becoming widely popular is the sophisticated frameless shower door.

Choose Swing or Sliding

When choosing a shower door, it is also important to pick the correct door installation. The two main shower door installations are a sliding door or a swinging shower door. If your bathroom is smaller or crowded, a sliding door will give the bathroom more room. Swinging or pivot shower doors are made for bathrooms that are larger or require a corner shower.

Choose Your Glass Type

Adding a touch of design can be as easy as choosing a certain type of glass texture. Most shower doors offer frosted or patterned styles. More commonly chosen is the clear glass for its clean look and allows natural light to shine through.

Hardware Finish

For most, it comes natural to select the same hardware finish that matches the rest of the bathroom accessories, however, selecting a matte black finish for your shower door hardware and having a champagne bronze shower head and shower fixtures can give the bathroom a great feel and modern look together.

Ease of Cleaning

Generally, the shower is a place for mold and bacterial growth which makes it harder to clean. Frameless glass shower doors are typically easier to clean with minimal hardware getting in the way. There is also the option for the Diamon-Fusion® coating to be put on the glass to help with heavy water spots and the basic cleaning of the glass.

If there is ever a time that you are not sure as far as shower door designs, we are more than willing to help you figure that out. Reach out today for your free estimate or for any questions that you may have!