Why hire a licensed contractor to install your frameless shower glass doors?

Your shower enclosure needs to be safe and sound for years to come. Unlike framed enclosures, frameless shower enclosures are thicker. Thus, they weigh more and are more expensive. So, the slightest mistake when installing them can cause breakage or poor door functionality.

In this post, we’ll be explaining why it’s important to hire a licensed contractor to install your glass shower doors.
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1. It Requires Experience and Expertise 

The installation process is much more than just buying a glass door and hinges. It includes drilling, alignment, and taking perfect measurements. These tasks require technical skills that most of us don’t have, and it is not possible to learn them overnight or via a YouTube tutorial.

In addition, installing a frameless shower door is more difficult than regular shower doors as they don’t have any frame to guide you when installing the hardware. Attempting to install your own shower glass doors can be incredibly difficult if you do not have the professional experience needed. A licensed contractor, however, is most likely to have this experience under his or her belt.

2. It Takes Time  

Installing a frameless glass shower is tedious because you need to attach the hinges to the wall properly and at the right level. Special drill bits are used to avoid breaking the tile framed door and to appropriately attach the hinges. These tools are commonly used by a licensed contractor.

Frameless shower doors (also called heavy glass doors) are also more challenging to install because they are thicker and weigh more than framed ones. This can prolong the installation process even more.

3. It Requires a Custom Fit 

Every shower enclosure has different dimensions, and measurements of your shower space. ESP Supply measures with lasers and the best quality levels to pin point out of square conditions.  The average person without knowledge about glass shower door installation will find this difficult to obtain the correct measurements for the enclosure, but this is something a licensed contractor could excel at.

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